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When you need duct and fittings to keep your project on schedule, we can help. We have Uni-Gasket® fittings and profiled fittings (without gaskets) in stock ready for delivery.

SPIRAL DUCT — round, galvanized steel
standard 10-foot lengths (see available diameters and gauges)
spiral duct
Our spiral duct is not a gasketed item.

END PLUGS — round, galvanized steel
for duct, not for fittings
end plug-gasketed
end plug-profiled

CONNECTORS: SLIP COUPLING — round, galvanized steel
for duct-to-duct connections, not fitting-to-fitting
slip coupling-gasketed
slip coupling-profiled

ELBOWS — round, galvanized steel
Note: All elbows have bend radii approximately equal to 1.5 times the diameter.
Pressed Elbows — two-piece, lap seam welded 45°
45 pressed elbow-gasketed
45 pressed elbow-profiled

Pressed Elbows — two-piece, lap seam welded 90°
90 pressed elbow-gasketed
90 elbow pressed-profiled

Gored Elbows — standing seam construction 45°
45 gored elbow-gasketed
45 gored elbow-profiled

Gored Elbows — standing seam construction 90°
90 gored elbow-gasketed
90 gored elbow-profiled

TAPS— round, galvanized steel
Contour Flange, straight side taps — for round duct
contour flange, straight side tap-gasketed
contour flange, straight side tap-profiled

Saddle, straight side taps — for round duct
saddle, straight side tap-gasketed
saddle, straight side tap-profiled

Contour Flange , conical taps — for round duct
contour flange, conical tap-gasketed
contour flange, conical tap-profiled

Flat Flange, straight side taps — for rectangular or flat oval duct
flat flange, straight side tap-gasketed
flat flange, straight side tap-profiled

Flat Flange, conical taps — for rectangular or flat oval duct
flat flange, conical tap-gasketed
flat flange, conical tap-profiled

BELLMOUTH — for rectangular or flat oval duct

REDUCERS—concentric round, galvanized steel
For duct-to-duct connections, not for fitting-to-fitting

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